The Gaslamp Killer And His Accuser Have Come To A Mutual Resolution And Dropped Their Lawsuits

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The Gaslamp Killer (real name William Bensussen) and his accuser Chelsea Tadros have mutually resolved their lawsuits against each other, according to a post from The Gaslamp Killer on Instagram and from Tadros on Twitter. The lawsuits were filed in 2017 after Tadros accused Bensussen of raping her in 2013. He, in turn, accused her of defamation of character. However, it appears that after a year of deliberations and depositions, the two have decided that both would rather move on than pursue any further legal action. The statement both released reads:

Mr. Bensussen discussed with Ms. Tadros the events of July 5, 2013 to understand the basis for her Twitter post on October 12, 2017. Mr. Bensussen did this in good faith as an earnest effort to resolve this issue. After their discussions, Ms. Tadros acknowledges she does not know who drugged her, and both parties recognize that Ms. Tadros could have been drugged by one of the many attendees that were present on July 5, 2013.

Ms. Tadros continues to maintain that she was drugged and thereby unable to consent on July 5, 2013. Mr. Bensussen maintains that he has never drugged or raped anyone, and that he did not have any indication that Ms. Tadros was drugged or unable to consent. Furthermore, had Mr. Bensussen known or believed that Ms. Tadros did not or was unable to consent, he would not have engaged in any sexual activity.

No money was exchanged as part of the settlement, and the parties will not be commenting any further. The parties ask that their supporters show respect and compassion for this decision and for the other side.

Hopefully, both parties can find closure and this situation can be used as an example of respecting people’s boundaries and consent.