Watch The Good, The Bad & The Queen’s Macabre New Video For ‘Gun To The Head’

In a couple of weeks on November 16, the British band The Good, The Bad & The Queen will end an 11 year hiatus between full-length albums by releasing their latest project Merrie Land. Led by Damon Albarn — whose hands have been staggeringly full already with his other bands Gorillaz and Blur — the group have been stepping out for some of their first live performances to build up some buzz. Today, they offered another new track from Merrie Land to give fans a taste of the new album.

Titled “Gun To The Head,” the new single is a jaunty and macabre composition, with a truly unsettling video, featuring a full-sized person designed to look like a ventriloquist’s dummy crooning out the words. You don’t know what creepy is until you’ve seen a ventriloquist’s dummy merrily singing something like, “At the point where the sky and the earth touch / Is the head of the Unicorn / Nailed to the wheel in the middle of the town / Is the nightingale alone.”

The Good, The Bad And The Queen’s latest album Merrie Land is set to drop on November 16 via via Studio 13. You can pre-order your copy here, and check out the latest single “Gun To The Head” in the video above.