The 2013 Grammys Suddenly Sound A Lot Better

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01.31.13 2 Comments

When last we checked in with the Grammys, we were praising the inclusion of Jack White and Elton John and wishing they had combined Mumford & Sons and the Lumineers into one mandolin strumming supergroup. Once again, we have some bad news, but a lot of good, too. Con: Maroon 5 has been added to the bill, so expect to hear that song of theirs you hate for the 38,492nd time. Pro: Frank Ocean and Justin Timberlake will also be playing.

Whether he’s got two good hands or not, Frank Ocean has been added to the roster of Grammy performers. The singer, who claimed he injured one of his hands in a weekend studio fight with Chris Brown, will take the stage for the first time at the February 10 awards show along with newly added performers Maroon 5 and 14-time Grammy winner Alicia Keys…Justin Timberlake will [also] return to the stage at the Grammys, marking his first television appearance in support of his upcoming album The 20/20 Experience. (Via) (Via)

I think it’s safe to presume Justin Timberlake will reunite with the members of *NSYNC, minus Joey Fatone, plus Frank Ocean, and sing “Tearin’ Up My Heart.” Admit it, you want that to happen, too.

(Via MTV) (Via Consequence of Sound)

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