The Guy Playing Rivers Cuomo In Rivers Cuomo’s Show Doesn’t Look Like Rivers Cuomo

Rivers Cuomo, who half-Japenese girls have been making go crazy for 19 years now, is the link in nerd style evolution from Buddy Holly to The Bazinga Theory cast. Dorky, but appealingly so and increasingly stylish — you don’t get to hang out with Miss Piggy while looking like this. But Fox isn’t ready to just let any fake-glasses-wearing actor play “Rivers Cuomo” in The Rivers Cuomo Show…which is actually called Detour, about “Michael Sturges, a charming rock star who made the unexpected choice at age 30 to quit his band and go back to college.” But c’mon.

This is the guy playing Rivers, I mean, Michael.

That would be British actor Ben Aldridge, who starred in the BBC miniseries Our Girl and can occasionally be seen on Reign. He does not look like Rivers Cuomo, but in the pilot, he will take his sweater off in front of an attractive, blonde, non-lesbian woman and say, “I should write a song about this sweater. A sweater tune, if you will.” It’s a work in progress.

Via Deadline