The Killers ‘Run For Cover’ Video Is An Intense, Late-Night Psychological Thriller

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Next month, 00’s rock superstars The Killers will pull the curtain off their first new album in over five years. Titled Wonderful Wonderful, the new record is a lithe, 10-track release that’s already building up a lot of buzz as being one of the group’s better records in quite some time. For those seeking tangible evidence of Wonderful Wonderful‘s quality, look no further than The Killer’s second single from that project, “Run For Cover,” which they’ve shared today.

The new song is filled with an intense, frenetic energy, fueled by a driving guitar rhythm that sounds like it was ripped right out of 1983. “Run for cover,” lead singer Brandon Flowers advises in the chorus. “Run while you can, baby, don’t look back / You gotta run for cover / Don’t be afraid of the fear, that’s a played out trap, man / You know you’re not the only one / And don’t look back, just run for cover.”

The video, directed Tarik Mikou, matches the songs edgy spirit perfectly. In it, a woman is shown being chased by a car down a lonely road in the dead of night. There’s fog, and molotov cocktails, and burning vehicles. The whole thing has the vibe of a psychological thriller.

Check out the Killer’s latest offering “Run For Cover” above.

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