The Monkees Are (Sort Of) Reuniting For A Tour And Album With Some Help From Rivers Cuomo And Others

Hey, hey, they’re still The Monkees, and, by all accounts, they are interested in still monkeying around. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of their TV show, which debuted in 1966, they have plans for not just a reunion tour, but for their first new album in 20 years.

While some folks still don’t respect The Monkees, on account of the fact they were put together for television, their music was actually pretty good, their show was funny, and they also have done some decidedly weird stuff over the years. They used to hang out with Frank Zappa, after all. However, it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from them, but they still have their fans who will be excited to see them live, and maybe they will be interesting in a new album, too.

The new album, called Good Times!, features a pretty impressive collection of collaborators. There are songs from the like of Rivers Cuomo, Ben Gibbard, and Andy Partridge from XTC. There will also be songs written by Michael Nesmith, one of the original Monkees. Although, as always, Nesmith will not be participating in the tour. Additionally, Davy Jones, who passed away in 2012, will not be part of this tour either.

So, basically, The Monkees are going on tour, but at this point that means Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork are going on tour. Hey, that’s better than nothing.

(Via Variety)