Here’s A Sneak Peek Of Dave Grohl Having A Drum-Off On ‘The Muppets’

Despite the perceived rough start for the new docu-sitcom The Muppets, which we gladly dispelled here, the series’ entertaining and charming guest spots keep a nice polish on an already solid show. One of the cameos teased earlier this month was from all-around nice guy and possibly rock and roll’s biggest star today, Dave Grohl. (Yes, Kanye, you count too, but stick with us here.)

The Foo Fighters leader was said to appear among the Henson creations for a drum-off, slipping into his old role in Nirvana (and occasionally in Queens Of The Stone Age) as a drumming legend. Well now, that video has arrived a little early — The Muppets airs in Canada before it airs in the states.

In between all the impressive drumming (and fake puppet drumming), Dave makes sure to get in some A+ trash talk on Animal. Without giving away the ending, most fans should come away satisfied with the end of the contest.

This comes off the heels of Foo Fighters releasing their brand-new Saint Cecilia EP for free last month, which if you haven’t grabbed, please go do that right now. So whatever the result of the fictional drum off, Dave Grohl is still coming out a winner.

You can watch the episode in full on Tuesday, Dec. 1 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

(Via Consequence Of Sound)