Watch The National And Bon Iver Perform At Each Other’s Concerts This Weekend

The Sounds From a Safe Harbour Festival in Cork, Ireland had itself an indie rock powerhouse of headliners this weekend, with Bon Iver performing on Friday night and The National capping things off on Saturday. Both groups were in a pretty collaborative mood, as The National’s Bryce and Aaron Dessner joined Justin Vernon on stage to help perform “33 ‘GOD'” and “The Wolves (Act I and II).”

The next night, Vernon decided it was his turn to join The National for a bit, so he got on stage and stuck around for more than a few songs, performing “Afraid of Everyone,” “Turtleneck,” “Guilty Party,” “Slow Show,” and “Terrible Love” with the group.

As much fun as he had in Ireland, it looks like Vernon is ready to travel America again, since he just announced a string of shows in the northeastern United States for December, and a five-pack of shows in Texas and Mexico in January. Meanwhile, The National has a good amount of North American tour dates coming up between October and December.

Watch the Dessner’s invasion of Bon Iver’s set, starting at about the 1:09 mark, and Vernon’s appearance in The National’s set, beginning at around 42 minutes in, both below (I’m sorry for the autoplaying videos). Also be sure to revisit our recent interview with The National, right here.