The National Gave A Robust Performance Of ‘Oblivions’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

People who are both late night channel surfers and fans of The National have had it pretty great lately. The group recently released their new album I Am Easy To Find, and they’ve been on TV a lot to promote it so far. Last month, they were on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert a couple of different times, and last night, they found their way to The Tonight Show to perform “Oblivions.”

Mina Tindle, who duets with Matt Berninger on the album version of the song, was there for Fallon. Beyond that, the band turned in a full-bodied performance, as they were also joined by Kyle Resnick, LANZ, James McAlister, and the Brooklyn Youth Chorus.

Berninger previously said of the song, “You don’t understand what marriage is until you’re way into it: Are you going to be there every time I collapse? Every time I change? This is a funny pop song about that promise you make and what it means to follow through.” Mike Mills also added, “I think it’s the masterpiece on this record. We had a lot of different singers try it, even Matt, but when we heard Pauline’s version, it was like, Oh, there’s the character! You have to find the body and soul who told that story.”

Watch The National perform ‘Oblivions’ above, and read our review of I Am Easy To Find here.