The National Keep Up The Mystery With A Brash, Dark New Song Teaser

05.10.17 12 months ago

The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness.

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The National continue to share snippets of their strange new sound on social media. A day after sharing their ominous news broadcast that featured the phrases “Sleep Well Beast” and “The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness,” they have shared another teaser referencing the former phrase. In the new teaser posted to Instagram, the Lowes-like National logo makes another appearance along with a representation of an hourglass. Digital sand runs down while a loop of trailing beeps and loud blasts of guitar plays over the clip. Check it out up top.

There aren’t many clues, but if we had to guess, we’re listening to a clip of a song called “The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness.” And we’re betting that we haven’t seen the last of the phrase “Sleep Well Beast” either. Taken along with the earlier teaser and their recent live performance of a new song, it seems like the group are going in a new, abrasive direction to follow 2013’s Trouble Will Find Me.

The National have been routinely excellent for too long now, so if they want to get a little weird and noisy, they’ll probably be great at it. For now, just give that loop a listen or 12.

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