The New Massive KISS Coffee Table Book Can Be Yours For The Bargain Basement Price Of…$4,250

08.22.12 6 years ago

Oh hey there KISS fans (you know who you are). Did you hear that your favorite band is coming out with a massive — three feet tall and two and a half feet wide — coffee table book filled with photographs of the band from throughout the years? Well they are! So yeah, go ahead and pre-order that bad boy, the title of which is KISS Monster, now — it’ll only set you back about, oh, a little over four grand.

Reports the AV Club:

Not surprisingly, nothing in the book makes it especially worth $4,250, seeing as it just contains various photos of the group’s history and concerts. As such, only 1,000 copies will be made, each of them signed by the group’s current band lineup—which means no Peter Criss or Ace Frehley. The book will also come in 10 different covers, each featuring a flag of a country that boasts a significant Kiss Army population (including Sweden, Norway, and Japan), as well as a “custom message” written for that Army’s faction. (Whether that means only 100 copies will be released in each country, or U.S. Kiss Army soldiers will be forced to figure out what Gene Simmons is scribbling in Swedish is unclear.)

Gee, I wonder how many KISS fans will be selling their souped up Trans-Ams in the hopes of buying this? If you’ve ever been to a KISS concert, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

Meanwhile, this is the only coffee table book I’m interested in owninga …

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