The Replacements Are Playing 30 Rock For The First Time Since Their ‘SNL’ Banishment

On January 18, 1986, the Replacements made their first appearance on Saturday Night Live. It was also their last. The original drunk(s) in love were banned from ever returning by Lorne Michaels, who didn’t appreciate their sloppy, shambling performance of “Kiss Me on the Bus.”

In the band’s oral history All Over But the Shouting, Bob Stinson recalled that night: “Lorne put food and flower baskets in our [hotel] rooms, free bar tabs — we went to town. I think I’d have to say I abused it more than anybody. They swore no band from Warner Bros. would play on that show again unless we paid the tab on the $1,000 worth of supposed ’damage’ we did.” (Via)

Jimmy Fallon, who I guarantee has said, “Sorry ma, I forgot to take out the trash” without a trace of irony at least once in his life, has lifted the expulsion notice, and the reunited Replacements will play his Tonight Show in 30 Rock tomorrow night. Here’s a short teaser the band uploaded online.

The Replacements are all of my favorite things.

Via Stereogum