The Rolling Stones Are Way More Popular Than The Beatles On Both Google And Youtube

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It’s the question that has divided friends, enemies and family members for generations now: Who is superior, The Beatles or the Rolling Stones. In most areas, the Beatles retain the edge — more hit songs, more critical accolades, more albums sold — but there is one new metric where the Stones beat them handily; Internet search queries.

According to Digital Music News, far more people these days are pulling up searches for The Rolling Stones on both Youtube and Google than they are for the Beatles. In fact, in what most come as a major surprise to the biggest adorers of the Fab Four, interest in the Beatles has dropped precipitously online over the last decade and change. From a peak in 2010, when they garnered 100 million searches on Google in a single month, it’s dropped down to less than 25 million recently. The Stones meanwhile hit a similar 100 million mark for searches back around 2006, and have seen their hits reduce as well, but at the moment, they remain more popular than The Beatles.

There could be any number of reasons for this of course, with the most obvious being the fact that the Rolling Stones are still a functional, touring band with new releases and live clips coming out all the time. Nevertheless, it will certainly give their supporters a bit of new ammunition to throw out in one of the greatest musical debates of all-time.