The Scoreboard: The Super Bowl Selfie Kid Runs The World, Which Quincy Jones Hates

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The Scoreboard is Uproxx Music’s bi-monthly look at who is putting points on the board and who is taking major L’s in the music world over the past couple weeks.

The Super Bowl halftime show (aka the real biggest night in music, sorry not sorry, Grammys) has come and gone. Not only did Justin Timberlake not create another Janet Jackson situation, but it took a young, unexpected hero from New England to make his performance memorable at all. Meanwhile, The Spice Girls and Smashing Pumpkins ought to look up the meaning of “reunion,” Quincy Jones is shaking his fist at everything, and as any of you have surely noticed, the CD continues its death march to obscurity.

Win: The rise of Selfie Kid

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Timberlake’s actual Super Bowl halftime performance itself was fine. He favored old hits over newer material, and while we won’t be talking about this one for years to come, that’s probably a good thing in light of the fleshy infamy of his previous halftime show. What will live on in self-photographed history, though, is Ryan McKenna’s selfie with Timberlake. Never has a kid been praised as much for doing what they always do: Burying their face in their phone while the world does its thing around them, only to emerge to take a photo of themselves. That said, McKenna shot his shot during the biggest musical performance of the year, and for that, he joined every viral kid in the history of the internet and showed up on Ellen, which by the way is hosted by another historic figure in selfies.

Loss: The Spice Girls’ (kind of fake) reunion

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A band reunion is a beautiful event, because it should mean at least one of two things: They’re going to get back together and head out on the road for some nostalgia-satisfying shows, and/or they’ll even find a studio and record a new song, perhaps even a full album. Over the past week or so, Spice Girls fans were saddened to find out that while the iconic girl group knows what it takes if you wannabe their lover, they have no idea how reunions work. They’re getting back together, yes, but there will be no tour and no new music, just a greatest hits album and some commercials.