‘The Simpsons’ Found A Few Good Reasons To Sing About Springfield

Most folks have a fondness for their hometown, but sometimes it isn’t easy to put into words — especially if that hometown is Springfield. In this Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons, Lisa, Bart, and the children of Springfield will perform the town’s new anthem “Why Springfield, Why Not?” Yet even Lisa admits “there’s not a lot to recommend it.” Pop star Pharrell Williams guest stars, though it is unclear if he had anything to do with the musical number.

Some of Springfield’s good traits include the decrease in circus fires and the Museum of Zippers. Most importantly, though, the town has been small pox-free for seven years. Woo hoo!

The song is very cute and contains a few good gags, but the clip’s highlight is the Twitter “Not Trending” joke. For the record, Tapped Out has never worked perfectly, and if there are Krusty nude pics, they should never see the light of day. Krusty’s home pregnancy kit provided enough psychological scarring:

krusty pregnany test

Source: YouTube