The Story So Far’s Frontman Parker Cannon Literally Kicks A Defenseless Girl Offstage

While most conventions would tell you that punk shows can get wild, moments like these are ones you never want to have at your concert. Case in point: During a gig in Toronto, The Story So Far’s frontman Parker Cannon literally kicked a fan offstage.

Around the 30-second mark of the video the fan finds herself onstage with the pop-punkers and attempts to take a selfie, only to get a flying kick from behind from Cannon. Yes, taking a selfie onstage while a band is attempting to perform is not an advisable move for anyone. But to violently hit someone who has paid money to see you perform and is one of the reasons why you’re on this stage being able to tour for a living, is not cool. You’re a vocalist, you have a microphone — tell them to get offstage.

Although some people are actually defending Cannon’s actions, many have taken to Twitter to voice their disapproval.

Apparently this isn’t the first time the band (specifically Cannon) has had this problem. Alternative Press wrote a story last year, where the vocalist kicked another selfie-taking fan offstage at a show in Houston. We get it, when the energy is high an artist may do some unexpected stuff. But this was just uncalled for.

(Via Fuse)