The Unofficial Video For Kanye West’s ‘Way Too Cold’ Is Way Too Hot

04.20.12 2 Comments

I obviously have no idea what the official video for “Way Too Cold” — famous for being formerly known at “TheraFlu” and for taking shots at Kris Humphries — will look like, but this unofficial one, featuring a kid doing his best Kanye impression in Midtown Manhattan while shadowed by a leggy blond, should almost suffice so much that there isn’t any need to produce an official one.

It features the visages of Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Condoleezza Rice and Ronald Reagan in the form of people wearing masks we assume were bought at a Halloween store for Republicans. I’m not sure how director Ashley Smith, who goes by the name of “Ash Innovator” on Twitter, found the kid in the video, but he’s got his Yeezy imitation down pretty tight. Kid has potential as a mime at the very least.


(HT: Exclaim)

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