Enjoy The Walkmen's 'The Love You Love' Video With Your Lunchtime Sandwich, Please


Because I’m too brain-dead today to figure out the deeper meaning of this song, allow Spin to explain

“The Love You Love” is one of the new Walkmen album’s most vital songs partly because it isn’t about love, at least not in normal, pop-standard terms. It’s about being in love with love, a confusion anyone who’s ever had a crush can probably understand. But although it’s howling Hamilton Leithauser who points out this ain’t love, he remains coyly ambiguous about whether he’s accepting the infatuation. “What it is and what it should be,” he fumes at his most full-throated, “Baby I want everything.” The rat has left the subway and moved to the suburbs.

So there you go! Now enjoy this B&W video in which “a weird kid patrols an empty, cavernous house filled with floating Beckoning Cat figurines.”

(HT: Stereogum)

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