The Weeknd’s Sold-Out Abu Dhabi Show Was Reportedly Cut Short Due To Fans Storming The Stage

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Image via Gotham/GC Images

Frustrated fans harnessed the power of punk rock at a recent The Weeknd show.

Page Six reported that a sold-out show in Abu Dhabi had been forced to cut the lights early due to purported danger. More specifically, fans were described as “going insane” after gates to the venue were closed. “The show had to stop early because it was so dangerous,” a purported “source” told the gossip magazine. “Fans were going insane outside breaking down barricades and storming toward the stage.”

Event organizers Flash Entertainment later released a statement touting the venue’s ability to “easily accommodate” 35,000 attendees and blaming the gate closure on that aforementioned alleged danger. “We are aware that this caused upset and disappointment and understand this can lead to frustration,” event organizers said.

This energy comes at an interesting time for The Weeknd, whose most recent studio effort was the brevity-favoring My Dear Melancholy. Sadly, the project had nothing to do with Say Anything’s similarly titled 2012 album Anarchy, My Dear. I couldn’t have been the only one hoping for Say Weeknd’s Anarchy, My Dear Melancholy.

There’s still room for hope, however, as The Weeknd just this month hit fans with the somewhat ominous promise that something called “Chapter VI” was coming soon. Though there’s since been debate among fans regarding whether that’s a literal project title or just a numerically specific metaphor, my baseless Say Weeknd theory still technically has time to become reality.