The Weeknd’s Unreleased ‘Starboy’ Video Being Nominated For An MTV EMA Proves The Illuminati Is Real

The days of The Weeknd being the shy, enigmatic R&B singer are long gone. Now Abel is an A-list star dating an A-list model, putting out No. 1 hit records and getting this money like he has a couple of kids who rely on him. Pretty good glo up for a guy fans weren’t sure was an actual person or a group at one point. And as always, incredible success The Weeknd is experiencing can only be attributed to one thing and one thing only — The Illuminati.

Now before you label me batshit crazy and regret clicking on this article, I have the receipts!

The Weeknd just debuted his new banger “Starboy” featuring Daft Punk less than a week ago to great success. It was played every hour across all iHeartRadio Pop and Urban stations, and despite the short time frame, “Starboy” debuted at No. 40 on the Billboard 100 based on streaming and sales. That number will surely change when the video, which has already been shot, releases on Wednesday, per The Weeknd’s social media accounts. However, despite the actual music video still being kept under wraps, it’s already being nominated for an award.

Tuesday, MTV announced the nominees for its 2016 European Music Awards. At the end of the five-musicians list featuring shoe-ins Beyonce, Coldplay, and Kanye West, and surprise pick Tame Impala, is The Weeknd with his phantom video for “Starboy.” How is this even possible? Like I’ve been trying to tell you, The Illuminati! Why aren’t you paying attention?

MTV claims winners for EMA categories are voted by the fans while a “panel” *wink wink* determines the winner for Best Video. Is this fix in? Most definitely. The fact that the Illuminati isn’t pretending to hide their existence anymore is also insulting AF.

The 2016 EMAs go down November 4th. If you need a reason to tune in its former Illuminati darling Beyonce losing Best Video to The Weeknd and Kanye West going apeshit.