This Vape Plays The Weeknd’s ‘The Hills’ While You Use It (For Legal Reasons, Obviously)

Vaping as an alternative to traditional smoking continues to gain popularity at rapid rates. With this knowledge in mind, vaporizer companies in the burgeoning industry are always looking to gain an edge in marketing to new customers. PAX, an industry-leading company, has partnered up with The Weeknd to release The Madness Fall Tour Vaporizer, a special edition that costs $324.99, about $120 more than PAX’s standard edition.

For that extra cash, you get a vape inscribed with the “XO” logo and a special yellow light instead of the standard green light. But the most notable feature is that, when in use, “The Hills” by The Weeknd plays out of a small speaker on the piece so that you can enjoy the music from the singer while smoking…. whatever it is that you may be smoking out of it. With the increasing amount of people publicly showing off their vaping habits, The Madness Fall Tour Vaporizer will give users another reason to brag and another reason for everyone else to tell them “we get it, you vape.”

(Via Pigeons and Planes)