The Weeknd Turned In An Absolutely Incredible Performance On ‘Fallon’

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There are a handful of perks to being Canadian (namely getting Ryan Reynolds to help you move), but hosers will never be able to truly appreciate the glory of “American” Thanksgiving. Luckily for everyone involved, this arrangement frees up R&B&pop dynamo The Weeknd to turn in a glorious performance on Jimmy Fallon’s Thanksgiving edition of The Tonight Show. Please mail him your turkey legs and stuffing as a show of appreciation.

The Weeknd served up a Starboy medley on the program, weaving together “I Feel It Coming” and the title track to the delight of everyone involved. Taking place with a much more elaborate set-up than your average Fallon guest, the artist occasionally known as Abel Tesfaye continues to show that he has industrial strength charisma and tunes for days. Essentially, the aesthetic is “arena-packing megastar does amazing work in what appears to be a high school gym during prom.”

Speaking of the man and his Starboy endeavors, The Weeknd’s new record made its debut today. (Say, it’s almost as if this musical appearance was to promote the album, eh?) Daft Punk, Future, Lana Del Ray and the mighty Kendrick Lamar all guest on the album. Have you picked it up? Put on your reviewer wardrobe and give a verdict in the comments. Or mail a five star rating to The Weeknd. Both are fine options.

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