The Weeknd’s Performance Was So Good At The MTV VMAs That Even Kanye Was Dancing

The Weeknd is having one hell of a great year, but when it came to the 2015 MTV VMAs, he was but the fourth major star to take the stage to perform. (It’s totally understandable that the Nicki Minaj-Taylor Swift beef-squashing performance got top billing at the show, but how did Macklemore get in ahead of Abel on the performance schedule?)

To be fair, Macklemore’s performance was a much bigger production than what The Weeknd did. The latter went light on the theatrics, instead letting the hit “Can’t Feel My Face” stand on its own. You can do that when you write a song as damn good as “Can’t Feel My Face.” It was such a good performance that even Kanye was dancing, and he certainly wasn’t doing that for Macklemore.

“Can’t Feel My Face” is the biggest hit in a 2015 absolutely full of them for The Weeknd. For as big of a year as he’s had, this week has been especially big and eventful. On Friday, he officially released his Beauty Behind The Madness album, which features “Can’t Feel My Face” and a bunch of other songs you’ve heard on the radio lately. Seriously, The Weeknd is everywhere.