The Who’s Roger Daltrey Is ‘Very, Very Deaf’ And Encourages Fans To Wear Ear Plugs To Concerts

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Young rock stars seem to live their lives as though there are no consequences, but as time goes on, the little things can add up. For example, Eric Clapton recently said that after years of playing loud concerts, his hearing is a little worse for wear. It turns out he’s not the only aging rocker facing this problem: The Who’s Roger Daltrey is, by his own admission, “very, very deaf.”

At a recent solo show in Las Vegas, he addressed the crowd and said that his hearing is now so bad, that he’s turned to lip-reading in his everyday life:

“The trouble with these ear things that I wear is that I am very, very deaf. And I advise you all — all you rock-and-roll fans — take your f-cking ear plugs to the gigs. If only we had known when we were young… we are lip-reading.”

That said, he added that he plans to keep performing “for a long time,” and said, “I am lucky to be doing what I do — so thank you.”

Daltrey is looking out for his fans’ ears during shows, and he cares about their lungs as well: In 2015, he stopped a concert to tell a fan who was smoking marijuana to shove the weed “up [his] f-ckin’ arse!