They Can Have Him: Justin Bieber Was Arrested In Canada For Assault

Justin Bieber, who has spent either 700 years a few hours in jail (I’m not sure anymore), was arrested in Canada on Friday. (I could stop this story here and it wouldn’t matter, because that’s hilarious enough. It appears The Biebs “crashed his ATV into a minivan driven by paparazzi.” That’s according to TMZ, which adds that Bieber now faces charges of dangerous driving and assault.

Bieber was taken into custody Friday afternoon in Perth County, Ontario. Police say there was a physical altercation between Justin and a paparazzo in the minivan…after they had the collision.

He could have a bigger problem on his hands though — Justin is on probation for 2 years after the egging case in L.A. So, it’s possible this arrest could trigger a violation. (Via)

Eggings, stupid altercations, ATVs. I did all of those things when I was a no-good punk teen, which is another reason why I’m happy that I’m not one of the most famous pop stars in the world. I’m also glad I’m not from Canada, but that has nothing to do with Bieber.