Third Eye Blind Frontman Stephan Jenkins Taught Marco Rubio A Lesson On Climate Change

Third Eye Blind singer Stephan Jenkins wants presidential hopeful Marco Rubio to wonder how it’s gonna be when there’s no North Pole anymore. He offered to teach the Florida senator about climate change in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

Jenkins noted that the Florida senator should be especially concerned about the affects of climate change.

“In that three-hour debate, they talked about climate change for three minutes. Meanwhile, you have Florida and you have Louisiana, which are literally sinking into the ocean.”

That Louisiana reference is a reminder that Governor Bobby Jindal is still running for president, if you forgot (like everyone else in the U.S.).

Jenkins continued to harp on Rubio’s stance on climate change.

“Marco Rubio says, ‘I’m not a scientist.’ Sen. Rubio, I’m not a scientist, either. In my case, I’m a rhythm guitarist. But I did take science in high school. And I’d be embarrassed, as you should be, for not actually understanding what global climate change is, and how it is clearly affected by men. So, if I may, I’d just like to explain it to him real quick.”

Jenkins explains climate change to Rubio in the video up top before ending with a risky heat check.

“I’m famous enough to know that somebody in your staff is a Third Eye Blind fan, and that you’ve been told this sh*t.”