Thirty Seconds To Mars Mashed ‘Walk On Water’ With Travis Scott’s ‘Butterfly Effect’ At The VMAs

Earlier this week, Thirty Seconds To Mars heralded their return to the music world with a brand new single titled “Walk On Water.” For those who missed it on Youtube or through your favorite streaming service, the band brought their latest offering to life in front of some of the biggest names in the music business today, as well as the millions of people tuned into the MTV VMAs at home.

In the pre-show, while donning an electric blue colored cape, Leto promised a performance packed with innovative technology, and he delivered on that promise and then some. Showing up rendered completely in a thermal presentation, the band went H.A.M. over their soaring new song, with Leto in particular playing to the camera, his red glowing face taking up the entire screen. Midway through, Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight rapper Travis Scott came out and spit out a portion of his hit song “Butterfly Effect” which audibly popped the crowd.

“‘Walk On Water’ is a song for all of us,” singer Leto said in a press release that heralded the track. “It’s a song about freedom, about persistence, about change and about fighting for what you believe in. It is a call to arms but also full of the optimism and hope that is such an integral part of the American Dream.”

Check out Thirty Seconds To Mars’s performance of “Walk On Water” above.