This Is How You Place An Order At Sonic

02.01.12 14 Comments

Here’s how a random guy named Giorgio, the lead singer in a band called The Interstate Life, places his order at Sonic: like a goddamn boss. If the nice lady taking his order somehow managed not to sleep with him after this, she’s got some sort of otherworldly control over her sexual urges that most mere mortals simply don’t possess. Hell, I’m a straight guy and I at least want to make out with him after watching this. Needless to say, I think you’ll enjoy the hell out of Giorgio’s fast food ordering prowess. Good luck not melting when you watch it.

And if you’d like to catch Giorgio and his band live, they’ll be performing at the Taco Hut in New Haven, CT this Saturday night.

(Thanks to both Katie and Oscar for the tip!)

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