This Is What It Looks Like When Lady Gaga Gets Hospitalized For Altitude Sickness

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08.08.14 5 Comments


Lady Gaga was hospitalized for altitude sickness after playing a concert in Denver on Wednesday night, because reminder: Holy sh*t, Denver is literally one mile into the air. She posted this photo on Instragram to document her ordeal, with the caption:

Altitude Sickness is no Joke! #hitThatHospitalShit #artRaveDenver many true ravers crowd tonight

Denver’s website helpfully has a list of tips for acclimating to the high altitude, including this tip about physical activity:

Watch Your Physical Activity

The effects of exercise are more intense here. If you normally run 10 miles a day at home, you might try 6 miles in Denver.

So I’m guessing in Lady Gaga’s case that equates to, if you normally run around on stage with 25 pounds of ostrich entrails, you might want to try 15. Lesson duly noted, city of Denver.

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