This YouTube Duo Imagined Christmas And Hanukkah As Actual People

Christmas: a time of ugly sweater parties, hanging out with your grandmother who genuinely loves memes, and possibly getting your crush to kiss you under some mistletoe. But not everybody celebrates Christmas, having their own respective holiday that they adhere to (although, let’s be real — getting in on Christmas fun is usually awesome).

Sketch comedy duo Jessie Jolles and Tracy Soren make light of this in their latest video, which tackles the differences between Christmas and Hanukkah. The two amusingly personify the celebratory events (Jolles serves as Hanukkah and Soren serves as Christmas), each accurately showing how both holidays are perceived by most people. Christmas is always surrounded by lights and singing, while Hanukkah is more low key, trying to teach her coworkers how to play a game with a dreidel, but immediately loses their interest. But the best part? The music, which really emphasizes the differences between the two holidays.

If you grew up celebrating Hanukkah (and being slightly envious of your friends who were all about Christmas), then you’ll surely relate to this video.

(Via The Daily Dot)