Meet The YouTuber Who Writes Weird New Lyrics To Classic TV Theme Songs

Since 2010, YouTuber Jeffrey Davis has been rewriting classic TV theme songs with his own strange and irreverent lyrics.

Davis got the idea to share his songs online when he was watching Coach with his sisters. When the theme song came on, he made them laugh by singing his own improvised lyrics:

“Co-co-co-coach coach coach coach coooach! This show’s abouuuut a coach! Craig T. Nelsonnnn, he plays the coach!”

Since then, he has written his own versions of the theme songs for The Cosby Show, Night Court, Get Smart, The Odd Couple, Seinfeld, NBC’s The Office, and many more, and his channel has over 2.5 million views and hundreds of subscribers. Unlike other parody songwriters like Weird Al or musical YouTubers like Epic Rap Battles of History who make their songs as polished as possible, Davis wants it to sound like he’s making it up as he goes along:

“I would listen to the theme once or twice, then improvise the lyrics as weirdly and vaguely as possible,” Davis told the Daily Dot. “I wanted to sound like I’ve never watched the show before and confuse people.”

Here are a few of his most popular theme song rewrites with accompanying lyrics. Be forewarned, his version of Thomas the Tank Engine goes from cute to dark really fast.

“30 Rock, is a TV show, about a TV show, ’cause it’s 30, 30 Rock! ‘Cause it’s 30, 30 Rock! Alec Baldwin is a pretty cool guy! 30 Rock, 30 Rock, 30 Rock, 30 Rock, 30 Rock!”

“Everyone’s being murdered, murdered today! Murder, murder, murder, murder, hip-hip-hooray!”

“Powerpuff Girls are hee-eere, to-oo save the da-ay! Get the f*ck out of their way! Oh, sh*t, here’s some trouble!”

“Thomas the Tank Engine, yeah. Riding around, hanging with his pals, he’s gonna hunt you down, b*tch. He’s gonna cut you good, b*tch. You don’t want to f*ck with this guy!”

(Via  The Daily Dot)