Thom Yorke’s Latest Project Is A 432-Hour Long Soundtrack For An Art Exhibit

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Thom Yorke has come a long way since the early days of Radiohead, with his music becoming more ethereal and ambient. He’s taken that to a whole new level with his latest project, however… an “evolving soundtrack” that’s 18 days long.

That’s 432 hours of music, and apparently no two minutes are the same. This is a non-commercial move even by Yorke’s standards, but in this instance it isn’t meant for consumers. Instead, Yorke’s piece is being used to soundtrack an art exhibit by Stanley Donwood called “The Panic Office,” which is being displayed in Sydney, Australia. The exhibit is running from May 21 until June 6, at which point you won’t be able to hear Yorke’s soundtrack any longer, as it will not be released to the public in any capacity.

Donwood’s artwork has been used for every Radiohead album since The Bends. Yorke fans who can’t attend an art exhibit in Sydney will have to continue to wait for new music. At least when that finally comes, you can feel safe assuming it’ll be something you can enjoy in one sitting.

(Via Consequence of Sound)