Thom Yorke Announces A Brief Solo European Tour For This Summer

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Even though Radiohead has always been beyond willing to experiment with their music, Thom Yorke has maintained a solo career that’s been a great outlet for him to try stuff that might not work in the context of a band, even as one as aesthetically fluid as Radiohead. He has a couple of solo albums to his name (2006’s The Eraser and 2014’s Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes), and every now and then, he’ll perform some solo concerts. He had a couple last year (and performed some new songs as well), and now he’s getting back in the saddle for some more shows.

Yorke just announced a European tour that will see him performing in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Scotland, England, France, and Spain in May and June. For the shows, Yorke will be accompanied by Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich and audiovisual artist Tarik Barri, two of his bandmates from Atoms For Peace. Barri also noted on Twitter that the shows will feature “completely live” music and visuals.

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