Thom Yorke Reimagines ‘Suspiria’ Song ‘Unmade’ As A Haunting Piano Ballad

Although it’s fair to treat Thom Yorke’s score for Suspiria as a Yorke solo album, ultimately, it’s a film score, meaning that there aren’t necessarily a lot of songs, but plenty of mood pieces meant to soundtrack a film. There are a handful of legitimate songs, though, and one of them is “Unmade.” On the album, “Unmade” is a synthy ballad also led by piano and Yorke’s idiosyncratic voice. He recently played the song for BBC Radio 6 Music, and for that performance, he changed things up, stripping the track down to its core elements, turning it into an evocative and more straightforward piano ballad, although he does play with some electronics briefly during the very end.

Yorke previously said of working on the score:

“What I found interesting was they used repetition of motifs, again and again and again. Part of your mind was saying, ‘Please, I don’t want to hear this anymore.’ That was really great. There’s a way of repeating in music that can hypnotize. I kept thinking to myself that it’s a form of making spells. So when I was working in my studio I was making spells. I know it sounds really stupid, but that’s how I was thinking about it.”

Watch Yorke perform “Unmade” above, and read our review of the Suspiria soundtrack here.

Suspiria is out now via XL. Get it here.

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