T.I. Thinks Rudy Giuliani Needs To Worry About Donald Trump, Not Beyonce

It seems like T.I. has been forced to serve up more hot takes than hot songs, recently, but we can’t say we’re complaining. Until that new Bankroll Mafia blows the whole world up, please stick a microphone in Clifford Harris’ face every day and ask him about politics, he’s great at this. His latest target is Rudy Giuliani — a.k.a. the man who forgot — after the former mayor attacked Beyonce’s VMAs performance.

“Who gives a f*ck about what Rudy Giuliani says about music? Like, who cares? He’s not an aficionado of music,” T.I. said. “[He] needs to worry about Trump’s campaign.”

T.I. also took issue with Giuliani’s claim that he saved more black lives than anyone on the VMAs stage. In the video from TMZ, the rapper literally has to take a moment to collect himself before unloading on the Fox News favorite.

“He also imprisoned so many unnecessarily. So, you have to count against the black lives he saved with the black lives he destroyed by imprisoning people for too long, taking them away from their families and breaking up homes,” he said. “But I guess: tomato, to-mah-to.”

He then said “I’m friends with first responders, even they know that you’re a sucker.”

While T.I. is willing to suffer through questions about all kinds of political foolishness, he does have limits. He recently walked off the set of The Eric Andre Show after the host’s uniquely unhinged brand of weirdness proved too much for him.