Tiffany Haddish Shows Jimmy Fallon How To Meme Like You Mean It On The Tonight Show

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The talent of Tiffany Haddish knows no bounds, genre or context. She can act, she can sing, she does stand up, and now she is a certified meme queen. During her appearance on The Tonight Show, Tiffany Haddish did her own version of the still trending Fleetwood Mac Challenge. The meme encourages people to prove that Fleetwood Mac’s music isn’t boring and in fact, you can actually dance to it. Sounds goofy, but it’s whats happening. In fact, it’s become a certified internet sensation with enough power to splash over into the real world.

Usually, when the internet breaks reality it’s a bad thing: fake news and Russian bots have basically doomed us as a species. But every now and then a sliver of golden light shines out of the online and makes the world a better place. Most notably there was the ice bucket challenge and now a humble meme has brought Fleetwood Mac back to the charts. When Twitter user @bottledfleet tweeted out her joke about how some people think Fleetwood Mac is so boring you can’t even dance to it, she ended up making Fleetwood Mac cool again.

The joke took off with over one hundred and forty-three thousand re-tweets. This inspired many users to make their own version of the video with footage of them dancing suggestively to “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. However, one unexpected side effect of the success of the joke was a huge surge in sales of the song “Dreams” making it re-enter the mainstream by charting at number 16 on Billboards Hot Rocks Chart. No word on whether or not Fleetwood Mac will be paying royalties to Tiffany, Jimmy, and @bottledfeet but with a just-announced show on HBO, I doubt Tiffany will be needing the cash.