Tinashe Kind Of Plays Tennis In Her ‘Me So Bad’ Video Featuring Ty Dolla Sign And French Montana

For a while there, it seemed like Tinashe’s Joyride might never get released, but now, things are looking up. She started off 2018 with the Offset-featuring “No Drama,” and followed that up with the Future collaboration “Faded Love.” Things really started to crystallize a couple weeks ago when Tinashe shared the album art and finally provided an official, confirmed, honest-to-goodness release date: April 13.

Now she’s offering up another preview of one of the album’s high-profile collaborations in her new video for “Me So Bad” featuring Ty Dolla Sign and French Montana.

In the video, Tinashe takes to the tennis court with a racket and balls, but her non-existent coach is probably furious with her because she doesn’t spend a ton of time working on her backhand or playing actual tennis. Instead, she’s more into strutting, dancing, posing, and singing, which makes sense given that this is a music video and not tennis practice.

Watch the “Me So Bad” video above. Tinashe also shared the Joyride tracklist on Instagram a couple days ago, so check that out below.

1. “Keep Your Eyes On The Road (Intro)”
2. “Joyride”
3. “No Drama (Feat. Offset)”
4. “He Don’t Want It”
5. “Ooh La La”
6. “Me So Bad (Feat. Ty Dolla Sign And French Montana)”
7. “Ain’t Good For Ya (Interlude)”
8. “Stuck With Me (Feat. Little Dragon)”
9. “Go Easy On My (Interlude)”
10. “Salt”
11. “Faded Love (Feat. Future)”
12. “No Contest”
13. “Fires And Flames”