Titus Andronicus Went After Pitchfork On Twitter Over The Review For Their Latest Album

First things first, did Titus Andronicus release one of the best albums of 2015? In our opinion, absolutely. If we ran Pitchfork, The Most Lamentable Tragedy would get the coveted “Best New Music” award, and a lot higher than the 8.1 rating the album got from the site.

At this point, we should mention that we feel album reviews, especially ones with scores, are all incredibly silly, and it’s best not to get riled up over or pay much attention to them. But Titus Andronicus frontman Patrick Stickles believes the band’s hard work deserved better. The band’s Twitter has been very active on Monday, taking aim at the website over the review (which is still pretty positive!). At times, it was hard to tell whether Stickles, who runs the account, was kidding or legitimately angry.

He retweeted a bunch of the band’s fans who were also outraged.

Not even Pitchfork founder Ryan Schreiber was spared.

In the end, Stickles chalked it all up as a joke.

But, really, that album deserves a “dimed out” rating.