Why Have Producer TM88’s Socials Been Wiped Days After Airing Out Atlantic Records For Non-Payment?


Last week, producer TM88 went in on Atlantic Records. The talented Atlanta-based producer called out the label because he didn’t get paid for “X0 Tour Llif3,” Lil Uzi Vert’s triple platinum hit that he provided the soundscape for. Despite Atlantic making millions from the song, TM88 says he didn’t receive a dime for the track. He called Atlantic “the worst label in the history of f*ck s*it” and minced no words with another “f*ck Atlantic” tweet. His Twitter account was lit Friday…but now there’s nothing there. Why is that, even after releasing the “Mood” track with Lil Uzi Vert Friday night?

One look at his Twitter account on a browser shows his account in a constant state of loading…but nothing comes up. Twitter accounts with zero tweets will generally have a “[user] hasn’t tweeted yet” message on their timeline, but TM88’s doesn’t appear to have that. A look at his Instagram account only shows posts dating back to May 2016, which is also curious given how busy he has been. One Twitter user speculated that he’s going with Future’s onetime strategy of clearing out his social media channels in preparation for releasing new music.

Hopefully that’s the case, because the timing of his social media whiteout seems odd otherwise.