Watch Snoop Dogg Weigh In On Tom Brady In Typical Snoop Dogg Fashion

Snoop Dogg is fed up. The world-renowned rapper, who moonlights as a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, is not a fan of Tom Brady’s overturned suspension. He took to Instagram to layout his issues with the logic behind the overturned suspension. If Sir Thomas Brady can be generally aware of deflated footballs and still be eligible for all 16 regular season games, then Snoop wants the NFL to overlook other players smoking weed. Le’Veon Bell will serve a two-game suspension at the beginning of the season for a weed DUI. Snoop isn’t condoning a DUI, but he’s a well-known advocate of marijuana.

In the video, Snoop sounds stressed, so stressed that he admits he just needs to smoke. Now, we can’t know for certain what exactly Snoop is smoking in the video. It could be a tobacco product. What we do know is that Deflategate has induced so much stress that people are looking for medicinal outlets to escape. We thought Judge Berman had put us all out of our Deflategate misery, but Roger Goodell is intent on letting this entire thing burn to the ground. Whatever Snoop is smoking, he needs to pass it on.

(via Snoop Dogg)