Tom Waits Performed Live For The First Time In Five Years This Weekend

10.28.13 4 years ago 5 Comments

tom waits bridge

Tom Waits is back, baby, and he’s *crunches painted-black egg shells glued on hissing cockroaches, filters noise through old-timey record player*. The last time Waits showed off his fabulous hats to the world was in May, when he performed with U2 in Oakland, but before this weekend, it had been a half-decade since his last solo show, where he can scream about the world ending as much as he wants to (and he always wants to).

Last night, attendees of the Bridge School Benefit were graced with a 10-song set from Waits, which leaned heavily on selections from his most recent album, Bad As Me, but also included cuts from Rain Dogs and Mule Variations. Hear the whole thing below, and hope it doesn’t take another five years before the next show.

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