Torres’ Video For The ‘Three Futures’ Title Track Is A Ball Of Of Slow-Burning Sexual Energy

07.12.17 10 months ago

Nashville singer-songwriter Mackenzie Scott, better known as Torres, is one of the newest members of the 4AD family, and so far, she’s impressed during her short time on the indie label. She started things off with the electrifying “Skim” last month, and now Torres has announced that a new full-length album, Three Futures, is on the way on September 29.

The announcement is accompanied by a video for the title track, and it’s set in the same 70’s-style house as the “Skim” video and Three Futures album art (below) are. While the “Skim” clip is overt about its themes of human touch and intimacy, “Three Futures,” which sounds like a suspenseful combination of St. Vincent and Lana Del Rey, takes a more repressed approach to the topic.


Directed by Ashley Connor, who also helmed “Skim,” the clip stars a curly-haired housewife tending to the household chores, a hat-wearing husband who doesn’t do a whole lot, and a more true-to-life, guitar-wielding version of Torres who sings the song (all played by Torres herself). A slow-burning tension builds throughout until the very end, which is abrupt and probably not what you expect; let’s just say you shouldn’t let the kids watch it unless you’re ready to have an awkward conversation about grown-up stuff.

Watch the “Three Futures” video and check out the album art for Three Futures above.

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