Towkio’s High-Octane New Video For ‘Drift’ Is A Guerrilla Blockbuster

If you rap under the name Towkio, why not just lean all the way into the Fast & Furious reference and make a song called “Drift”? That’s exactly what Save Money crew member Towkio decided to do with his brand new video, which includes pyramids, hot air balloon ride, dirtbikes, and plenty more.

There are plenty of requisite high-octane stunts that make “Drift” an enjoyable video, in fact, the entire video was filmed in Mexico on the fly, guerrilla-style, which gives it the same energetic aesthetic that soaked every frame before Fast & Furious films. Towkio’s flow is completely on point too; even without a beat in the first minute or so of the song, he’s an engrossing rapper with a penchant for sly and wiry rhymes. Though he first came on the scene as a friend of Chance The Rapper, Towkio is dead set on establishing his own relationship to rap, and this video cinches that for him.

Much like his footwork-leaning standout “Clean Up,” Towkio uses a mellow introduction only to slam listeners back into their seats in the chorus with a globe-hopping mishmash of sounds that fully earns the dancing on pyramids shots that accompany it.

Check out the video up top and if the video has you fiending for more, just know that .Wav Theory still goes.