After Shouting Out His ‘Wife’ At Astroworld Festival, People Think Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner Might’ve Gotten Married

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Travis Scott hinted that he and girlfriend Kylie Jenner may have tied the knot during his recent Astroworld Festival performance, where he shouted out his “beautiful wife.”

The story immediately caught flame on social media with speculation that the couple had secretly gotten married. They certainly have been more secretive than many of the other segments of the Jenner/Kardashian family. When news first broke that Kylie was pregnant with Travis’ daughter, Kylie basically vanished from photos and public appearances, only reappearing for a couples photo around Christmas of last year. When their daughter, Stormi, was finally born, they similarly kept her out of the spotlight, only revealing pictures and other details after a few months had passed.

The news blew up even further when TMZ Live posted its daily feed with the eye-catching headline “Travis Scott Shouts Out ‘Wife’ Kylie Jenner,” throwing the proverbial log on the fire, sending searches for “Travis Scott” and “wife” surging. Fans, of course, reacted accordingly, tweeting out speculation, congratulations, and even a Twitter poll trying to determine if the couple had actually made it official or were just using cutesy pet names for each other. Check out some of the tweets below.

Meanwhile, Travis was also honored with “Astroworld Day” by the city of Houston for his work as an ambassador of the arts and education.