Watch Travis Scott’s Mind-Bending, Near-Death Experience In His ‘Birds In The Trap’ Short Film

Travis Scott is apparently in the mood to celebrate. As he noted in a post on Instagram, his most recent album Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight has been a runaway success — “close to a billion album streams and a top ten most streaming album of all-time with Apple” — hitting No. 1 on the charts in its debut week. Now, Scott is giving his fans a little more; a brand new short film titled Birds in the Trap.

Directed by Fleur Fortune, the 14-minute short film, currently streaming exclusively on Apple Music, unfolds like a lucid dream. The video opens innocently enough, with Scott playing piano in a club, before leaving with a woman and taking off in his car while the track “Sweet Sweet” plays in the background. The couple rides around, saying hi to folks; Travis buys a hot dog. Then suddenly he gets smashed into by a another car and the tone changes completely. The video goes from just a normal day to a mix between Blade Runner set during the day and and the film Inception. You don’t know if Trav is alive or dead, awake or in a dream. It’s very surreal, and incredibly captivating.

You can watch the full Birds in the Trap short film over on Apple Music.