Travis Scott’s Ex-Manager Is Suing Him For Millions Of Allegedly Unpaid Fees

Travis Scott’s one-time manager Lyor Cohen is one of the most powerful figures in the music industry today. As the Global Head of Music at YouTube and the founder of LCAR Management, he’s not exactly the kind of guy you want to find yourself on the wrongs side of. That’s where Travis stands now however, with the music mogul taking the G.O.O.D. Music start to court over millions in unpaid fees.

According to TMZ, Cohen asserts that Travis signed a three-year contract in back in October 2014 which guarantees him and his company 15 percent of everything Travis raked in, in the entertainment sphere. That apparently amounts to something around $2 million by this point. The suit alleges that Travis has only paid out something around $37,000. After multiple attempts to recoup their fees, all Cohen’s company received was a letter from Scott’s representatives informing them that their services were no longer needed.

For his part, sources close to the rapper told TMZ that he signed the deal in good faith, with the presumption that if he held up his end of things, so would Cohen’s company. Apparently, Travis was managing his own career while signed to LCAR, with the company barely lifting a finger to help advance his position. Those same sources are calling this case frivolous.

Legal battles like this have a way of stretching out for quite some time, especially with so much money on the line. This probably won’t be the last we hear about this case.

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