Travis Scott’s Photo With A Former ‘Seinfeld’ Star Sparked A Priceless Reaction

Getty Image

The internet can be an incredible treasure trove of odd daily occurrences that toss pop culture icons together in some fun and often hilarious ways. Case in point, Travis Scott, current hip-hop superstar best known for inciting his ultra-passionate fans to pull idiotic, dangerous stunts at his shows took a photo with Jason Alexander, the guy who played perpetually down-and-out goofball George Costanza on Seinfeld.

Let’s take a moment to take that in. The photo was taken at the ABC News’ Good Morning America Times Square Studio on September 12 for the Hand In Hand Benefit For Hurricane Relief fundraiser in New York Tuesday night, and the Getty Image found its way to Twitter, where user @tomandrewstew, who has a still shot of Jerry Seinfeld in coke-bottle spectacles as their header image (this just gets better and better, right?), posted the photo along with the caption, “no one take a picture ever again cos this one of Travis Scott and @IJasonAlexander is the most beautiful image of all time.”

Alexander saw the post (how many notifications do you think George Costanza gets on an average day on Twitter?), and quote-tweeted it, adding his own funny commentary on the unusual situation: “And kudos to Travis for never letting on he had no idea who I am.”

No word if Travis actually is a big Seinfeld fan or no; crazier things have happened, and Wale actually has a whole album out with the man himself. Maybe Travis can make his own Album About Nothing hosted by Jerry’s “short, stocky, slow-witted, ugly, old, bald” sidekick.