Travis Scott And Kendrick Lamar Want To Shoot Hoops In The Oracle And Need Steph Curry’s Help

On most nights, the Oracle Arena is the domain of two-time MVP Steph Curry and the Defensive Player of the Year Draymond Green, but on Friday night it’ll be the home of King Kendrick, and apparently he wants to use all of the facilities. Travis Scott, who opens up for Kendrick Lamar on the DAMN tour took to Twitter to make a small request: the keys to the Oracle Arena to shoot a little hoops.

“Yo can y’all to call somebody to open the practice arena?” Travis said in a tweet directed towards Draymond and Steph. “Me and Kendrick tryna run 5on5.”

While K. Dot has shown off his skills on the gridiron, he seems to be quite the accomplished basketball player as well, going so far as to challenge Barack Obama to a game of one-on-one. Since Kendrick was the soundtrack to the NBA Playoffs, something tells me he knows a guy and could pull a few strings to get the gym opened if he wants. Or maybe, with his ties to LeBron James, the Warriors most formidable foe, getting into The Oracle is harder for Kenny that we thought.

Either way, the idea of Travis and his crew playing Kendrick and all of TDE in five-on-five on the floor Steph calls home is an amusing sight, so hopefully some video emerges when they inevitable get that game going.