Trent Reznor Hinted That A New ‘Top Secret’ Nine Inch Nails EP Could Arrive Next Week

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Ever since Trent Reznor revealed that the latest Nine Inch Nails release Not The Actual Events was merely the first in a planned trilogy of EPs last month, fans of the iconic, industrial group have been clamoring for the next entry in the series. According to the brains of the operation, the wait might be over as soon as next week. While he didn’t outright say that Nine Inch Nails will be dropping new music — his style has always been cryptic — Reznor took to Twitter with a simple message.

In a letter he wrote that was emailed to fans about the ongoing delays that have hindered the shipping of new Nine Inch Nails vinyl albums, Reznor let the news about the trilogy of EPs slip. “Did you know Not the Actual Events was the first part of a trilogy of related EPs that will be released about 6-8 months apart?” he asked. “Now you do.” Adding to the evidence that the latest collection of Nine Inch Nails music will be arriving next week, he also asked, “Did you know that there’s a top secret Nine Inch Nails EP that will be released before the first shows of the summer?”

For those racing to check their tour itinerary, let me save you the trip. Nine Inch Nails are next slated to perform at FYF Fest in Los Angeles on July 23. Let’s just cross our finger that Trent remains a man of his word.