Trevor Noah Refutes Kanye West’s ‘Democrats Brainwash Black People’ Comments With Hard Facts

Kanye West’s new album Jesus Is King is finally out after months of delays, but it seems that all anyone can talk about regarding the outspoken rapper is his recent quote to LA radio personality Big Boy that Black people are “brainwashed” to vote Democrat — supposedly against our best interests. Daily Show host Trevor Noah also weighed in on a behind-the-scenes clip from his most recent show, pointing out the thing he thinks Kanye missed when he made his comments.

“What is more likely?” Noah wonders. “The fact that these people are brainwashed or the fact that in America, you have to vote for the system that gives you the best chance? You only have two choices, and that does make it weird, but you only have two choices. And if you’re a Black person, you go, ‘Well, I’m gonna vote for the choice that gives me the chance of success.'”

Noah accepts that voters may not like all Democratic Party’s positions, but reiterates that voters will pick the choice that best suits them, while pointing out that as a wealthy Black man, Kanye has the option to vote for Republican policies, which may benefit him more (“Less taxes! Yeah, I’ll take that!”). However, he says that there is one group that “doesn’t mess around with their votes in America: Black women,” explaining that “I don’t think Black women have been or can be brainwashed.”

He expands by pointing out that “Black women in America have the least leeway to mess around with their votes… because ‘as a woman and a Black person combined, the impact of my votes are exponentially felt.'” Noah notes that Black women have higher rates of childbirth mortality, lower chances of getting loans, and that there is a massive pay gap for Black women as well. In short, he says, Black women cannot afford to mess around with their votes, therefore they aren’t brainwashed or victims. He ends on a funny note, admitting he’ll still listen to Kanye’s music, quoting the rapper’s infamous “Lift Yourself” bar: “Poopty scoop!